Your guide to the Catskills

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About the Catskill Mountains

The forever wild Catskill Mountains are located in central New York. This area was heavily settled by the Dutch, Irish, and English in the 17th century. Inside this “blue-lined” region lies the 700,000 acre Catskill Park, comprised of Greene, Sullivan, Ulster, and Delaware Counties. More than sixty percent of these lands are privately owned among the 50,000 residents, the rest of the Park is a publicly owned forest preserve with many intensive use areas which are great for hunting, fishing, and hiking. The Catskill region is full of the most colorful folks you know - ranging from farmers and fishermen, to painters and publishers.



Catskills Fact

  • Howe Caverns is the largest cave open to public in the Northeast. The great limestone cave, carved by water over the course of an estimated 10 million years, was discovered in May of 1842.